Letters from Authors

 My symbol books were offered on the IPI Website. Within weeks 11,000 volumes had been downloaded.    

Charles Sarnoff, M.D.        

The distribution has reached the tens of thousands throughout the world and that far exceeds the distribution of all of the rest of my books put together over a 30 year period! 

Lawrence Hedges Ph.D.

I republished several out-of-print books and wrote several short ones for IPI Books and now have readers all over the world. Cumulatively, I have over 81,000 downloads.

Jerome D. Levin Ph.D.


For Authors

Looking to publish your work to a global audience?

If you have a new manuscript, we’d like to see it. If you have a few lectures you’d like to have published to this massive audience, send them to us. If you have a book that’s now out of print and the rights have been returned to you, we’d like to see that too.

Join us in this communication revolution. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For manuscript guidelines, click here.


Jason Aronson, M.D.

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