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Beyond Freud: A Study of Modern Psychoanalytic Theorists
Beyond Freud||A Study of Modern Psychoanalytic Theorists
Author: Reppen, Joseph Ph.D.: Editor
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Psychoanalysis is being expanded by the intellectual vitality and energy of a host of creative psychoanalytic thinkers.  This book presents the work of 14 modern analytic theorists. (837 pp.)


Reppen has filled a void in an area of considerable importance to the psychoanalytic community.  His editorial judgement is excellent; wise selections were made both in theorists and  presenters....BEYOND FREUD is informative of the present provocative clash of ideas, and in its dialogue the dialectic of Freudian inspired thought has been fully realized.  One can have great respect for the brilliant, systematic and developing systems of thought that the various theorists have offered.  These, in themselves, are substantial contributions to increasing awareness of the psychological nature of people and their treatment when needed.

Jerome Siller, Ph.D.

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