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Back to One
Back to One
Author: Kopp, Sheldon
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"This book is a detailed description of how I do therapy. I offer it only as a guide. These are not the ways to work. They are simply my ways of working. They need not be your, though some may suit your own path. I offer it to encourage you to become ever clearer about the fundamentals of your own style of work.

To free oneself from the bondage of attachments to its results, it is necessary to be clear about the Work. When we do not concentrate one-pointedly on the basic work, we pay attention instead to the patient's "progress" or to our own ego-bound "Look how well (or badly) I'm doing" trip. Neither path benefits the patient of the therapist. At the point of impasse, the only thing that helps is to go back to one.

But to find your way back, you first must know what "one" is for you. Clarity about what you do, about how you run the therapy is absolutely necessary. It is sometimes useful, creative, and fun to vary from the basic parameters of you work. But first you must know the personal baseline from which you are varying. Otherwise how can you know when to return home, and how to find your way back?" – Sheldon Kopp (187 pp.)

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