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Getting the Most From Your Therapy
Getting the Most From Your Therapy
Author: Smith, Jeffery MD
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This new e-book tells you how to get the most out of any therapy and goes further to explain why humans have problems, how to trade them in on healthy patterns and helps you understand the specifics of your own unique journey. Written in plain language, easy to read. (139 pp.)

About the Author

Jeffery Smith, MD is a psychiatrist who still talks to patients. His focus on personal change has led him to a fresh and comprehensive view of how therapy works, embodied in the Affect Avoidance Model. Today, he provides consultation and second opinions to individuals and families seeking the best approach for dealing with complex psychological problems.

Dr. Smith is an active writer, editor and teacher on the subject of psychotherapy and has appeared on 60 Minutes and Good Morning America. His book, How We Heal and Grow: The Power of Facing Your Feelings is “a definitive guide to personal change.” He blogs on Psychology Today’s website and his own

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