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The Two-Year Certificate Program in Object Relations Theory and Practice provides a concentrated immersion in object relations theory and therapy in the Washington DC area. The program is designed in a modular, block-training format to accommodate both local professionals and those who commute to Washington. The two-year program consists of two 7-day summer conferences offered in late spring or early summer, and eight three-day weekend conferences over the course of two years. Telephone seminars are offered as an ongoing link between the weekends and access to the Videoconference Seminar Series is also offered at no extra cost. International Institute of Psychoanalytic Training (IIPT) at the International Psychotherapy Institute (IPI) offers a four-year psychoanalytic training program designed especially for those clinicians who don’t have access to local analytic training. The Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Certificate Program (PPCP) is a two year program for experienced clinicians in modern psychodynamic psychotherapy. Through didactic classes, four IPI weekend training conferences, small group clinical presentations, IPI’s unique “Group Affective Model" discussions, and supervision we will focus on the application of continuing, progressive elaboration of object relations theory and technique. With an emphasis on setting and maintaining a firm foundation from the first contact through termination, we will emphasize what works, with whom, and why.

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Child Training Program for Psychotherapists and Analysts is a combined 2-year, 2-hours-per-week, distance learning child training program on Friday afternoons with additional immersion weekends featuring international teachers. The program components include: Seminars on theory, clinical case conferences, IPI's signature small discussion groups using the Group Affective Model; supervision; and personal treatment. Supervision and personal analysis or psychotherapy may be conducted partly using telephone or secure videoconference. Trainees who specialize in child psychotherapy and trainees who specialize in child analysis study together in a combined curriculum and also separately in specialized tracks. Training in adult psychoanalysis in not required for either track. IPI offers a seminar in Infant Observation taught by IPI faculty, which meets by conference call, linking students across the United States and Central America. The seminar draws on the technique of Esther Bick and the IPI Group Affective Model (GAM) for study and learning. Esther Bick developed infant observation seminars as part of the child psychotherapy-training program at the Tavistock Clinic in London in the late 1940’s. Since then such training has been required in many psychoanalytic and psychotherapy programs around the world.

Psychoanalytic couple therapy is a challenging endeavor and a useful, rewarding area of clinical practice. This program is geared for Object Relations Theory and Practice program graduates (or the equivalent) who desire advanced training in couple treatment. The didactic content of the program covers assessment and consultation with couples, establishing and maintaining a couple perspective in treatment, understanding and utilizing the therapist’s countertransference responses, and dealing with common challenges in couple work such as polarizing identifications, aggression in couples, differing degrees of motivation for treatment, and couples with trauma histories.

Distance Learning

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The Master Speaker monthly video-conference seminars will feature presentations by IPI faculty and guest presenters, who will think together with participants about the use of the therapist's self. Participants may attend the seminars in person at sites in Chevy Chase, MD, Salt Lake City, UT, Indianapolis, IN and Long Island, NY, or can join the live web seminar online from their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Seminars take place from 9:00-11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, with additional group discussions to follow at some local sites. This year participants will be able to join the videoconference easily by downloading a free program and clicking on a simple link. Contact IPI for further information on participating online.

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Special Topics in the Theory, Technique and Practice of Couple Therapy

Fall Semester Sept 6-Dec 6, 2017

Spring Semester Jan 10-May 2, 2018

Focusing on special topics and challenges in the practice of couple treatment, using presentations, case presentation and discussion, and advance readings. The course will feature presenters from the International Psychotherapy Institute and colleagues from the U.S., Argentina, England, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Scotland, and Spain. Participants may join the course at several established sites including Chevy Chase, MD, Indianapolis, IN, Long Island, NY, Panama City, Panama, and Tel Aviv, Israel, or join over the internet.  Internet participants will all have the opportunity to participate fully in the seminar by joining in the live discussion with the presenter and local sites. Participants joining over the internet can do so easily by downloading a free program and clicking on a simple link provided for each session.

Wednesdays 9:45 -11:45 am ET

Introduction to Psychoanalysis

This program is designed for psychotherapists interested in a contemporary psychoanalytic approach to deepening the treatment process with their patients. It will suit clinicians who work mainly in once weekly psychotherapy and those who do some twice weekly psychotherapy and would like to develop their skills in this modality.

To learn more about these programs and our organization, visit the International Psychotherapy Institute.

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