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"The books provide insight and inform my work with patients in a psychiatric hospital.", TJ, SINGAPORE
"I am studying my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy and I have found some of your books very useful. Thank you. Even though a lot are not recent books, they are still helpful.", MILICA ROBINSON, AUSTRALIA
"I greatly appreciate IPI ebooks. I'd love to have access to books about applying Piaget's principles in the classroom.", MARK DENTY, SOLOMON ISLANDS
"Your ebooks always help me to grow as a Psychotherapist.", DR. KEERTI KUKREJA, INDIA
"You are a wonderful site and I'm lucky to have found you!! Keep up the good work.", MARIA STAVROU, CYPRUS EU PART
"As a retired educator who is still involved in teaching, having access to reputable, affordable resources is key. Thank you for providing this service!", MARI PEREZ, UNITED STATES
"I am organising parenting workshops with the aim of informing and educating parents about the development of anxiety in the young, and how to support anxious children. These free resources are extremely helpful in that endeavour.", GLORIA PREST, UNITED KINGDOM
"Sharing knowledge has always been a distinguished quality of mankind! I assume that this should be the unique indicator in differing human kind from the living organisms rest. Your cause always reminds me of this bare fact. Thank you again. Yıldırım b. Doğan, psychiatrist,psychotherapist,Turkey", YıLDıRıM BEYATLı D., ANKARA, TURKEY
"I am doing my "Post graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy" hence I find these books indispensable and useful. I sincerely thank the people concerned for making these invaluable e-books available to us at a time when we are scrambling to find books of this nature. I would also like keep in contact with students of Psychology. Please email me at Wishing you the best of luck for all your future endeavors. Devaraj", SUPPIAH DEVARAJ, NORTH WESTERN, SRI LANKA
"I am an MSC clinical psychologist student, after I graduate I intend to practice as a psychotherapist. Your books are definitely going to add value to my work.", MONICA OTIENDE, KENYA
"I am grateful for having the chance to download these books by S. Kopp", YURI, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
"Your books have been invaluable for the seminar work I do for my university degree.", SIGAL, ISRAEL
"It's very useful for me and for my studies. Especially because I found books that aren't available in my country. Thank you! :)", HENER D., CLUJ, ROMANIA
"Your ebooks help me get in-depth insights.", CHUBATEMJEN, INDIA
"Our medical library does not have these books available. Your site has provided us with amazing resources. ", MA ROSANNA E DE GUZMAN, PHILIPPINES
"This free resources is indeed beneficial for me as a professor.", AZLINDA AZMAN, MALAYSIA
"I am planning to study Drama therapy. I would like to read your book before I start my coursework.", LUBNA, SAUDI ARABIA
"Thank you for all these books this website provides the most useful material for novice therapists! Thank you!", WARONA S., SOUTH-EAST, BOTSWANA
"I need this information for my master degree", FARIZA, KAZAKHSTAN
"I am a clinical psychologist and it will guide me in dealing with patients.", ZAINAB WAHEED, PAKISTAN
"I was searching online for my very first book on the subject of psychoanalysis. I did not expect to make such a successful find, never mind obtain the books for free! Many thanks!", SEAN STRONG, UK
"I’m a bit gobsmacked at the ease with which I downloaded three of your ebooks from your site. A friend sent me the link.", JACQUI P., SOUTH AFRICA
"I find your selection of books very interesting and useful. Thank you.", IVANA, CROATIA
"These books are valuable for the rehabilitation of war affected victims.", DR.SANTHIYAPILLAI KEETHAPONKALAN, SRI LANKA
"Relentless Hope can be valuable to me in terms of informational scopes as everyone during the process of age has experienced a kind of grief. In this way, relentless hope sounds like an inspiring affirmation.", LASKARIDIS KONSTANTINIS, GREECE
"This is such a wonderful opportunity and such a fantastic tool for all of us in the mental health field! Thank you so much!", MIHAELA, ROMANIA
"These eBooks helped me finish my final task for my bachelor.", INTAN PANJAITAN, INDONESIA
"Your books have been of great help in my career.", RUFTHEL GUTIERREZ, PHILIPPINES
"Wonderful, true to the spirit of collective search", ELIZABETH KREIMER, PERU
"I like learning more about the psychotherapy method of Freud.", MURAD ALI, PAKISTAN
"The IPI ebooks offered on your site have helped in doing my research and strengthening my skills.", WANJA KANJA, KENYA
"Your site is useful to me for ongoing professional development as a psychotherapist. I enjoy reading and updating my knowledge and practice.", REHANA NAZLI, UK
"It is greatly helpful to have access to original books in this field, even though there might be translated versions.", QING ZHANG, PR CHINA
"So far very useful. I love that there are so many resources available. Thank you IPI ebooks!", AISHA N., CHRIST CHURCH, BARBADOS
"What a nice site! One has numerous options to choose between the things he/she really wants. This site is best at once for both beginners and experts.", MARUTI N., छत्तीसगढ़, INDIA
"إنها مفيده لواجباتي الجامعية وكتابة التقارير", خولة, السعودية
"I am doing my MPhil in Clinical Psychology in India. Thank you for the book!", BINNY JOSEPH, INDIA
"I am researching drug abuse treatment and relapse.", BAKARI MOHAMMED, TANZANIA
"I am an addiction counsellor in Singapore and the resources here are beneficial to my work and personal development.", BENJAMIN KWEK, SINGAPORE
"I'm currently studying psychotherapy at university - looking for a diverse range of materials to study from, we do not have much resources in East Africa and it is very expensive to buy books. Thank you for giving me a way to improve my knowledge in my field.", JIKO PATEL, KENYA
"I am a qualified [M.Sc., PhD] and practicing mental health professional. I render FREE SERVICE to the community around me at my peak period of my life. I am 78. Regards", R PARTHASARATHI, INDIA
"These free books help to me to deepen my academic knowledge about topics related to my profession and personal interests.", MARITZA MEJíA, PERú
"Thank You Very Much for sharing the valuable insights through the book "Playing for Their Lives: Helping Troubled Children Through Play Therapy"", ANNA L., SINGAPORE
"I am a trainee Play Therapist so will find these books extremely helpful to my studies and practice.", BEV SENIOR, UK
"Thanks for sharing these special books. It is rare to come by this type of book. Many Thanks!", ANNA L., SINGAPORE
"Your books have been of great help for operational research.", PRAKASH, INDIA
"Going through this site is truly exciting and I am finding books that could really assist me in the counseling program I am currently pursuing.", LIN, MALAYSIA
"I am a psychology student and this is most helpful", JACQUELINE MAYERS, ZIMBABWE
"I am a clinical psychology student writing on children brought up by non biological parents. Attachment is key in this area thus the books will be helpful.", IRENE THUKU, KENYA
"I am studying for a Masters in Psychology and Counselling. Therefore I need lot of materials to study, learn, grasp, and to help me reach my dream of becoming a Psychotherapist/counsellor. Thank you for the free books you offer. ", MEGHNA SINGH, INDIA
"This is the best site on psychotherapy ever! The books are of excellent quality and provide valuable insight.", HELEN KOKKINAKIS, Αττική, GREECE
"As a Student teacher looking at assignments on child learning, the materials on your site are extremely helpful. ", BEN, UK
"Often books are not available in Australia, or the cost of shipping from the U.S. costs more than the book itself. It is fantastic to have the option of a digital version, immediate access & environmentally friendly. Thank you. xx", JO BENTLEY, AUSTRALIA
"Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn!!!!", ANABELA S., LISBOA, PORTUGAL
"As a newly qualified brief therapist, I am keen to make the sessions brief enough for my clients.", JAN, ENGLAND
"I feel happy to get your books. It helps me to improve my knowledge and help others in counselling.", DEVADHAS M., தமிழ் நாடு, INDIA
"Your ebooks have made it possible for me to review publications that I would otherwise not have been able to which has, in turn, helped me with my research and clinical practice.", SEBASTIANO SANTOSTEFANO, USA
"I loved the book Beyond Freud and I got a book on Freud's theory in depth now. Thanks IPI!", SHIMELES G., አዲስ አበባ, ETHIOPIA
"These books provide complementary material that I can integrate with my general psychotherapy class.", PABLO CUEVAS MD, MEXICO
"Thank you for providing Such great books. It is very hepful in keeping me updated. Sultan Al-Owidha Professor of Psychology KSU S.A.", SULTAN A., الرياض, SAUDI ARABIA
"Thank you so much for this free book, it will enable me to explore this topic without buying a book which might not be what I was expecting.", JOY DARLEY, ENGLAND
"As I am working in this field I would like to sharpen my expertise. I have completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology and would like to know more about CBT.", CYNTHIA CARINA MENEZES, INDIA
"I am a child psychotherapist and I will use this book during group sessions with kids.", SHIRLEY GALEA, MALTA
"Your books are quite helpful for medical practitioners.", SAIMAN TRIPATHY, INDIA
"As a psychotherapist your books give me ideas and insight into different stories etc.", TOM, UNITED KINGDOM
"I am a psychology student and want to know in depth about art therapy. This book will help.", RADHIKA VERMA, INDIA
"These books are very helpful, and there are a wide variety, which are nearly impossible to buy. Thank you.", BIMAL CHOWDHERY, INDIA
"Your site is very helpful in my study of philosophy.", GREGORY MULENGA, ZAMBIA
"Thank you very much for enriching the entire globe with the needed knowledge. In today's world there is nothing which you can get free. IPI however, believes in the notion that "knowledge is power", so keep on empowering the world's diverse population. May the almighty God give you strength and courage, so that you can continue imparting the knowledge needed by so many. Keep me posted. ", SEBASTIAN MUSHAMBE, OKAVANGO, NAMIBIA
"Excellent resource with plenty of free and high quality reading material.", ALEX J., LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
"Amazing site: it's accessible, has important educational texts, yet it's free to all.", SANI AHMAD, NIGERIA
"The ebooks are wonderful for me; they help me to widen my scope in every direction.", YOKABED, ETHIOPIA
"I am a therapist and want to know more about the philosophy of Nietzsche", CINDY VEY, USA
"Wonderful selection of books and articles, allowing Professionals to read and train for no cost.", WANDA THAKE, UNITED KINGDOM
"these free ebooks can help me learn about how to extend my capacity as a psychologist, especially in clinical use..", AGUSTIN DWI, INDONESIA
"I want to study the books you have as a psychology student for my assignment.", MINAHIL ATHAR, PAKISTAN
"I am taking my degree in Clinical Psychology and these books that are available free on this site help teach me. Thank you for letting me have a chance to widen my knowledge.", LYKA R., BULACAN, PHILIPPINES
"Your resources are valuable for references in my exams as well as completing behavioural assessments.", EVANGELIN, INDIA
"I really appreciate your site, so useful as I am studying towards my degree in psychology.", LINDA GROBLER, SOUTH AFRICA
"With your site, I can easily access titles I was unaware of previously - the books I downloaded help me with critical thinking and with my casework.", KATHLEEN, IRELAND
"This book is wonderful for my clinical work. Thank you.", PEI-YU, WU, TAIWAN
"I´m a professor in Clinical Psychology. Thank you for the valuable books!!", MARIO COLLI, GUATEMALA
"My gratitude for the precious assistance you are providing to us. Many thanks!", CHARLES A., ATLANTIQUE, BENIN
"I work in a psychiatric facility and like to have more tools in my tool box.", NAZIR, CANADA
"Your books help me to understand the key concepts and also to build a strong knowledge base about many disorders.", SHEEBA, INDIA
"I work with 68 children from 3 institutions. From 2 months old to 22 years. All are severely mentally and physically disabled. Many of the children also suffer from severe ADHD. These books are a source of invaluable information. Thank you for sharing.", KIM, SOUTH AFRICAA
"These free ebooks are very important to finish my studies.", ALVIAN, INDONESIAN
"IPI ebooks have been very helpful in my work as a young therapist.", LILIAN, KENYA
"Estaba esperando por este libro! Gracias!", PATRICIA T., MIRANDA, VENEZUELA
"These books are very valuable! I am interested to know about personality disorders as I was in a relationship with someone who had one, but I did not know at the time! Thank you for your help. ", LORRAINE, UNITED KINGDOM
"I am a family therapist and these resources are very useful for my practice.", MICHELE RYAN, WALES UK
"IPI's free ebooks help me write my thesis in dance movement therapy.", STEPHANY WOLSIEFFER, ITALY
"I am a final year student pursuing masters in psychology at the maharaja sayajirao university of baroda. Your books help me great deal with academics and will assist my application when I begin my career.", PRIYA, INDIA
"I am doing research and trying to evaluate the association of depression with CAD", DR. RUBEEN, PAKISTAN
"IPI: The books are great! Very useful in my practice and teaching students.", PLAMEN DIMITROV, BULGARIA
"Nos ayudan a profundizar en la profesion.Gracias", GEOVANNY CONTRERAS, SUIZA
"I am a psychotherapist in training and the books you provide are invaluable resources. Thanks for collating them here!", RAJESH R, INDIA
"Thank you for making these useful books available for a searching minds", RUFUS OLUWATUSIN, NIGERIA
"Currently I am enrolled in ICDDRB, where I need resources to work on the grief process with parents whose child died. I need some supporting materials to perform better in my work. ", SAIMA AKTHER, BANGLADESH
"Thank you for these resources. I cannot even imagine my career before I found this site.", ANONYMOUS,
"This website offers a great opportunity to access very resourceful materials.", S. A. N., IMO STATE, NIGERIA
"We are a psychoanalytic training institute and are considering this book for our students.",
"Thank you for these books. They have been extremely helpful as I do my PhD Dissertation on Mental Illness.", BISRAT TEKLE, ETHIOPIA
"I love the e-books, they are a great source of information", HUMPHREY A. OMIZEGBA, NIGERIA
"These books speak more truthfully about that which we generally avoid discussing. Personally it helps me to understand the self and apply that understanding in a treatment plan for my patients.", PAVITHRA, INDIA
"As a psychotherapist I integrate the new knowledge I gain from your books in my day to day practise.", ADRIANA, ROMANIA
"Thank you for your generosity. The books have been of great help", OUKO N., KAMPALA, UGANDA
"I am currently preparing myself for NCE and I want to learn as much as I can about the variable problems that may trouble humanity.", YESENIA CAMACHO, UNITED STATES
"I am a family therapist, and a family mediator. I have found the texts on this site invaluable to my work. ", DR. MAGDA BARCY, HUNGARY
"I find these resources invaluable in helping me work with my clients. The diversity of client issues are many and sometimes a little extra guidance goes a long way.", STEPHANIE LANE, NEW ZEALAND
"As a support for my research and information from the latest professional outcomes, I really appreciate your free ebooks.", GODIA BOGDAN, ROMANIA
"These books provide a tremendous source of information and evidence regarding treatment for some of the patients I see.", DR JACQUELINE BLYTH, UNITED KINGDOM
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"This is a vital website for me. I like how easy it is to access materials I am interested in reading. ", CYNTHIA, UNITED KINGDOM
"When I am researching a specific topic related to a lecture for my students or for helping a specific client, having your resources is invaluable.", DON ROSENBERG, USA
"I am a student, studying Psychology. These books help me in gaining more knowledge in the subject", SHUBHA, INDIA
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"In my professional and life opinion it is good practice to share positive empowering advice and ideas to enable yourself and others to live in harmony with themselves. I am currently enjoying reading and, learning and sharing with others. Thank you for the insights.", RACHEL HOE, ENGLAND
"They are very useful to poor therapist who can not afford to buy much textbooks.", ORTESE C., DISTRITO FEDERAL, MEXICO
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