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"Great source of classical literature, most of it not easily accessible for students in a developing world. Thank you a lot!"


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"These books give me organised and focussed information in the field of mental health and related areas."

Mdshuaib Chedin

*The Misuses of Confrontation in the Psychotherapy of Borderline Patients
*The Misuses of Confrontation in the Psychotherapy of Borderline Patients
Author: Adler, Gerald, M.D. & Buie, Dan H., Jr., M.D.
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When it happens that the patient observes his therapist struggling with his own countertransference fury, he has the opportunity to learn how another person can master murderous rage. If the therapist fails in his struggle, the patient may then comply helplessly as a victim of an attack; and his view of the world as untrustworthy is further confirmed. In this mutual struggle the patient can learn that neither he nor the therapist need destroy each other in spite of mutually destructive urges.

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