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"…There are so many different insights which can be adapted to suit so many different issues. I thank you for each and every client I have helped with information from these books."

Stephanie Lane
New Zealand    


"Great source of classical literature, most of it not easily accessible for students in a developing world. Thank you a lot!"


Focused Information

"These books give me organised and focussed information in the field of mental health and related areas."

Mdshuaib Chedin

A Psychoanalytic Process from Beginning to Termination
A Psychoanalytic Process from Beginning to Termination
Author: Volkan, Vamık D. M.D.
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Dr. Volkan draws the reader into his treatment of Jennifer, a patient with near borderline, and narcissistic personalities, from start to finish, using both modern and classical psychoanalytic techniques. (64 pp.)

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