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Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times
Defining Moments||Breaking Through Tough Times
Author: McArthur, Dorothea Ph.D. ABPP
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Presents effective ways to examine unresolved issues that may be causing anger, anxiety, or depression by looking at each one's life story to discover childhood survival skills needed to handle adversity. These skills are then altered to better accommodate the present and future in a successful way.

Dr. McArthur steps you through how to handle the struggle to get back up again—and how you can recreate your life and be happier in the process. If counseling is financially out of your reach—this book gives you Dr. McArthur's 66 stories and examples, so you can powerfully learn how to:

  • Deal with insomnia and depression
  • Find new ways to live through grief
  • Use the power of nature to empower you
  • Allow negative feelings to guide you in understanding unresolved conflicts
  • Find an enduring romantic relationship, and nourish friendships
  • Devise a career that uses your strengths
  • Use your integrity and morality as a foolproof way to build self-esteem
  • Raise children well, especially those with special needs
  • Find good psychotherapy at a reduced fee

(317 pages)

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