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The International Psychotherapy Institute presents national certificate training programs that bring mental health professionals and faculty together to study with international contributors at the leading edge of the field, such as Otto Kernberg, Christopher Bollas, Peter Fonagy, David Bell, Ted Jacobs, Glen Gabbard and Jill and David Scharff. IPI offers quality programming in a variety of formats - short courses, multi-year training programs in theory and technique, and advanced clinical training - all with continuing education credit.


IPI is based in Washington, DC, where it offers its core training programs. Students from throughout the U.S., as well as from countries worldwide, commute to Washington periodically for these programs. In addition, IPI offers community-based training modules through its chapters or affiliate programs in Burlington, VT; Charlottesville, VA; Chevy Chase, MD/Washington, DC; Denver, CO; Indianapolis, IN; Kalamazoo, MI; Long Island and Manhattan, NY; New Orleans, LA; Panama City, Panama; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Richmond, VA; Salt Lake City, UT; Tampa, FL; and Williamsburg, VA.

Training Programs

Each of IPI's core training programs leads to certification. The Couple, Child and Family Therapy Program offers up to two years of training in the application of object relations theory to the treatment of these populations. The Object Relations Theory and Practice Program provides a two-year comprehensive immersion in object relations theory and therapy. The International Institute for Psychoanalytic Training applies contemporary object relations and other psychoanalytic theories to understanding the analytic pair of analyst and analysand. Each program operates within and augments the existing learning matrix of IPI. And the Clinical Consultation Program offers opportunities for clinical supervision from any of IPI's faculty members. Consultation is offered in affiliated program sites, or nationally via telephone or videolink.

Continuing Education

IPI also provides multiple educational opportunities for participants who do not want to enroll in one of its core training programs. Participants are free to attend any of IPI's four annual weekend conferences in Washington, its periodic national and international conferences, or to be come engaged in any of its supervisory programs. Satellite programs are also available to all who are interested. These programs differ in number and kind, depending on location, but may include study groups, individual or group supervision, seminars, local conferences, multi-year training programs, and our ever-popular videoconference series.


IPI provides further outreach through seminars and conferences at worldwide locations (such as Panama City, Panama, Edinburgh, Scotland, New York, Salt Lake City, and New Orleans), institutional partnerships with other associations (such as the International Couple and Family Association), publications by IPI members and faculty, and consultations by telephone or by videoconference.

Affective Learning

Our innovative educational method, which we call affective learning, combines theoretical, clinical and experiential approaches to arrive at an integrated view of personhood, development, internal object relations, pathology and clinical interaction. Feedback and written evaluations from students and input from our multidisciplinary faculty ensure quality programming of relevance to the clinician. The aim of the Institute is to promote the science and art of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

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