*Experiential Focusing and Psychotherapy
*Experiential Focusing and Psychotherapy
Author: Eugene T. Gendlin
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Experiential Focusing is a method of attending inwardly to let a “felt sense” form. This is a holistic sense of a problem or unresolved situation. It forms if one attends to how the body feels from inside. At first there may be a blank or some vague tension of ease, but in less than a minute one can feel a whole sense of the problem forming there. This felt sense is not just physical as with muscle sensations, not just psychological, nor just cognitive. It is bodily, affectively (emotionally) and cognitively meaningful before these three are split apart. Once a felt sense forms, it is found to lead to steps. New feelings, perceptions, and courses of action emerge. Focusing usually involves many steps before a problem is resolved. (11 pp.)

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