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The Inner World in the Outer World
The Inner World in the Outer World
Author: Edward R. Shapiro
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As psychoanalysis enters its second century, practitioners and researchers are shifting away from a focus on the isolated individual and toward analysis of the individual in the context of his or her society and culture. To understand the way people live, says Edward Shapiro, we must explore the boundary of experience, where inner and outer worlds converge. In this highly readable collection, nine leading psychoanalysts and psychologists - including Roy Schafer, Arnold Modell, Carol Gilligan, Otto Kernberg, and Joyce McDougall - investigate the changing analytic situation. This book is intended for mental health professionals, organizational theorists, psychologists, sociologists, and others with an interest in how opening the analytic situation beyond the two-person field is broadening the theory and illuminating the nature of unconscious interaction.(265 pp.)

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